Why You Should Be Making Coffee in College

I started to grow a love for coffee my freshman year of college. Before this I despised the idea of coffee, it was bitter, gave you bad breath, and stained your teeth! Who would enjoy any of that?! Trying to get passed these terrible woes? Add some milk and sugar! Then the last two discrepancies can be overlooked by brushing your teeth and using some mouth wash! Simple. Today I want to discuss why it is so important to be making coffee in college.

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So why should you be making coffee in college?

For one instance, coffee is filled with caffeine to help keep you awake and energized during those all-nighters and 8am classes. Secondly, the taste of coffee can be so warm and cozy, especially during the winter months! And Third, it’s a wonderful passion and hobby to have. The world of coffee is filled with spectacular, loving, humble people!

A Hobby of Deliciousness.

There is a world of opportunities out there for coffee. You can get everything from Americanos to lattes and macchiatos! There is something for everyone in-between! I highly, HIGHLY, suggest that you try everything that you possibly can. It’s fun trying new coffee drinks and experimenting with them. 

Take the time to explore the world of coffee. Invest in a few pieces of coffee equipment. I would suggest a french press or clever for any beginners! Develop a love for coffee and let it become a hobby.

It’s inexpensive.

Not only is making coffee yourself delicious and a fabulous hobby, it’s also a lot more cost effective than running to your local Starbucks everyday. At $5 a pop, Starbucks (or any coffee shop for that matter) can get expensive, real quick. You can even enjoy Starbucks coffee at home. 1 bag of Whole Bean coffee costs around $9 and can last at least two weeks for TWO people! That would mean it would last about a month for one person… if you only have one cup a day.

Learn More.

Still not a huge lover of coffee? Try getting a blended drink from your local coffee shop and make sure it’s flavored! These drinks won’t have an overpowering taste of coffee to them so they may be perfect for you! Plus, if you love to make coffee at home you can always add tons of creamer and extra sauces & syrups! ?

Coffee Talk The French Press | Hayle Olson | www.hayleolson.com

Coffee Talk: All About Coffee Beans | Hayle Olson | www.hayleolson.com

My Favorite Coffee Beans.

Below are my three favorite coffee beans! I’m a lover of the breakfast blend and I tend to lean more towards a light/medium roast rather than a dark one. Plus, you can never have enough caramel coffee!


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