4 Foodies to Follow on Instagram

4 Foodies To Follow On Instagram Food Inspiration
Over the past few years, I’ve developed a love for cooking (and food in general). You’ll often find me scurrying around my kitchen trying new recipes and baking my favorite treats. I’ve especially enjoyed creating nutritious meals that help fuel my body and give me the energy to work, move, and love throughout the day. 
There a few website that I frequently revisit to find recipes (that’s for another day), but I also love to see beautiful dishes when I’m scrolling on Instagram. Today I’m going to be sharing with you 4 Instagram accounts that you NEED to follow for your daily dose of food inspiration.


I’m in love with this company simply because they make superfood powders that look beautiful. ? Their feed is filled with customer creations that look delicious and spectacular! 



Brooke does some of the best food photography I’ve ever seen. I originally found her on unsplash and couldn’t help but follow her on Instagram as well. 


If you think that being vegan means you’ll never have delicious food ever again, then think twice. Amanda’s feed proves that vegan food can be just as appealing, I absolutely love it!



Samira is always creating something new and exciting to drool over! She’s constantly creating uniquely designed plates with fruits and veggies.


If you love food as much as me, then I hope you’ve enjoyed this quick little post! I hope to share some of my favorite food websites in the coming future so look out for that as well. Also, I love to find new Instagram accounts to follow, leave a link to yours in the comments and I’ll check it out. ?


4 Foodies To Follow On Instagram Food Inspiration


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