10 College Essentials Under $10

Back to school season is officially in full swing and it’s time to start preparing for the next year of classes. No matter if you’re a freshman heading off to college for the first time or you’re a senior ready to get your diploma, these 10 items are essential to your success. Plus, they’re all under $10!

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Pilot G2 Pens – $9.88


These are my absolute favorite pens! I’ve been using these pens for years and they’ve never let me down. I love that they come is such a variety of colors – they make my note pages look beautiful! I also love these Paper Mate pens

Mechanical Pencils – $5.46


It’s extremely important to have pencils for exams and homework! You don’t want to show up to a scantron test and only have a bright pink pen – uh oh. Store a couple in your backpack for just in case moments. 

Divider Sticky Notes – $6.49


These are a life saver if you use a large notebook for multiple classes. I even enjoyed using them on my loose leaf paper that I keep in binders! They’re perfect for keeping sections organized while providing an extra space to put important notes. 

College-Ruled Notebook – $3.43


Five Star notebooks have always been the notebooks I gravitate towards. They’re plastic covers never rip off and the pockets inside always come in handy. I personally use a combination of 1 and 3 subject notebooks for all of my classes.

A Stapler – $5.98


Don’t get caught turning in your homework without the papers being stapled – a stapler is a must! I also suggest getting a mini stapler to carry around in your backpack for emergencies.

Basic Scientific Calculator – $10.99


Depending on the types of classes you’re taking you may need both a graphing calculator and a basic scientific calculator. Some professors don’t allow graphic calculators during exams due to their increased computing abilities.

If you’re an engineering student, I highly suggest this graphing calculator – it was a lifesaver for Calculus III and Differential Equations. 

(and yes I know this one is over $10… just round down and you’ll be fine)

USB Flash Drive – $8.49


Whether you need to print something at the library or are working on a project in a lab, having a flash drive is essential.

I actually recommend having more that one in case one dies – this happened to me twice in college… moral of the story? KEEP BACK UPS OF ALL YOUR FILES. 

Notecards – $2.89


Notecards are the bomb for studying. Plus, having colored ones helps to study different types of information. Always have a stash on hand for those quick study sessions.

Scissors – $4.79


Having a pair of scissors on hand is not only great for group projects, but also helpful to have around your dorm room. They’re especially helpful when you’re doing craft projects or decorating with your dorm friends! 

Highlighters – $4.36


Never again should you be caught studying without a highlighter! These are perfect for creating study guides, reviewing notes, writing cheat-sheets, and reading papers or case studies.

Although some of these things may seem like basic school supplies, it’s important not to overlook their value. Having these essentials can help make college less stressful and easier to manage. What are some other college essentials you use that are under $10?

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