I’m Considering Going Vegan?! – Veganuary 2017

I’ve been a vegetarian for about 11 months now and I’ve slowly been learning more and more about the vegan lifestyle. If you remember back to July I actually ate vegan for a whole week and documented it on my Vlog Channel on YouTube. Overall it was a fun experience but by the end of the week I was ready to go back to being a vegetarian.

Oddly enough, a one week challenge is what started me to become a vegetarian. I ate vegetarian for a whole week and then just never stopped. I was hoping my one week of vegan food would do the same, but it just didn’t click. There’s a little part of me that still slightly hesitant about the whole thing. I don’t personally know anyone else that’s vegan, nor do I spend time with any vegan people.

Vegan Food.

Since my one week challenge, I’ve experimented with a ton more recipes and I’ve collected a few more vegan cookbooks and had some DELICIOUS vegan food. I actually already eat vegan QUITE a bit… like a lot. This will make the process a lot easier when I do switch to an all vegan diet.

I currently own the following cookbooks and LOVE them!

Below are the cookbooks I can’t wait to try next!

Vegan YouTube.

I have also been spending quite a bit of my time watching videos of some of my favorite vegan youtubers. You can learn a lot by digging around on YouTube. There are some youtubers that only talk about veganism and there are others that you wouldn’t have even known or realized were vegan, I enjoy the fact that there’s such a wide variety!

Vegan Books.

I want more of a solid foundation of knowledge before I jump head first into this. I’d like to educate myself a bit more, read some books and learn more about the nutritional benefits. I’ve also been toying with the idea of raw veganism.


When I originally started writing this post it was the beginning of December. Over the course of the month, I’ve still fancied the idea of becoming vegan. A few days ago I learned about Veganuary – Vegan January. The idea is to eat Vegan the whole month of January. There are a two things that make me really excited about this. One, I love challenges like this. And two, I started eating vegetarian this past January! With that being said, I’m going to partake in Veganuary this year. And similar to when I ate vegan for a week, I’m going to vlog it!


Now or Never.

Over the past few months, I’ve started to develop the mentality of ‘now or never’. I have many goals and aspirations that I’d like to achieve in my lifetime. If you don’t start working towards your goals today then you may never reach them. I’ve always liked the idea of being vegan, so why don’t I do it?


Whether you support the vegan lifestyle or not, that is solely your opinion and your decision to make. I will never force my thoughts onto someone else and accuse them of being ‘wrong’. We all have things we personally believe in and hold dear to our hearts – I respect that. I wish you all a happy new year and best wishes for the year to come.

Are you a vegan or considering going vegan?

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  • Drew

    Hey! I’m a vegan — have been for a little under a year — and to be honest, the first week was the hardest. I transitioned from being a vegetarian (5ish years), and things were mostly the same. Every now and again I get a little craving for cheese or I just wish I could run to the store and pick up some reese’s chocolate, but overall I just feel better as a vegan. I didn’t transition with anyone, although some of my friends picked a buddy to go vegan with, just so they had someone who could relate to their experiences, so that might help you? It might be easy to switch your diet week by week, rather than going cold turkey? Week 1, take out eggs, week 2 take out milk products, week 3 take out cheese, etc. Good luck though, I wish you the best in your transition to a vegan lifestyle.

  • Being a vegan is one of the best decisions I have ever made!! Glad to see you’re at least considering it, it’s so worth it. It might be hard at first, but it has so many benefits overall.