The Coffee Grinder

If you’ve read my last few coffee talk posts you’ll have noticed that I mention whole bean coffee. Now, chances are you’ve only ever purchased ground coffee. That is why today we’ll be talking about the coffee grinder, because without this my whole bean coffee would be useless.

Coffee Talk: The Coffee Grinder | Hayle Olson |

Why You Should Grind your own Coffee. 

  • Freshly ground beans means a fresher taste.
  • Increases that delicious coffee aroma.
  • Nothing good happens without some hard work, enjoy the process of making your own coffee!
  • It’s simple and easy — push the button and away you go. 

History of the Coffee Grinder.

The original coffee grinder was actually just a simple mortar and pestle. Since the time of their discovery, people have been grinding their coffee beans. Around the fifteenth century, the first spice grinder was invented. Which, in turn, was also used to grind coffee. The very first grinder solely meant for coffee was designed by Nicholas Book in 1665 ( Since, then the personal coffee grinder has evolved into what it is today!

My Favorite Coffee Beans.

Below are my three favorite coffee beans! I’m a lover of the breakfast blend and I tend to lean more towards a light/medium roast rather than a dark one. Plus, you can never have enough caramel coffee!

Why You Should Be Making Coffee in CollegeCoffee Talk: The Grinder | Hayle Olson |

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