All About Coffee Beans

Do you like your coffee on the more bold or spicy side? Or perhaps maybe sweet and flavorful? There are so many types of coffee beans out there in the world! And I bet you didn’t know that the coffee bean actually grows as what is known as the coffee cherry.

Coffee Bean History

The coffee bean itself is actually the pit of a cherry that grows on a coffee plant. As the legend goes, the coffee bean is said to be discovered by Kalid, a goatherd, in Ethiopia. Since then, coffee has grown in popularity over the years and now holds the title of the most popular beverage. By 1901, the first espresso machine was patented by Luigi Bezzera from Italy. Then in 1903, decaf was formulated by a German Importer, Ludwig Roselius (

My Favorite Coffee Beans

When choosing coffee beans I tend to lean towards the light or medium roasts rather than a dark roast. I’m also definitely a lover of the morning blends. And you can’t beat a little extra caramel every now and then!

Types of Coffee Beans

The ‘type’ or flavor of a coffee bean can be separated into two different parts. On one hand you have the location, where the coffee bean originates. Whereas, on the other hand you have the way it’s been roasted or prepared. Before roasting, coffee beans are actually a cream/green color.  Roasting the beans helps to extract the different flavors and aromas. There are many different types of roasting methods. The two main ways to roast coffee beans are either by a drum or air-roasting. The varying temperature and time are what give you the different roasts!

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What’s your favorite kind of coffee bean and roast?

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