How To Utilize Your Computer While Studying

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How To Utilize Your Computer While Studying | Hayle Olson |

Are you stuck in a rut and not sure how to study while using your laptop? Many students have trouble staying organized and focused while studying and doing homework. Here are some tips and tricks on how to utilize your computer while studying! 

How To Utilize Your Computer While Studying | Hayle Olson |

Organize your Folders.

Staying organized is key to succeeding in school. Make sure to prioritize this, the more you stay on top of it, the less stressed you’ll be when mid-terms roll around.

Here is how I like to structure and organize my folders… I have one main folder called ‘School’. Inside of this folder are additional folders, one for each semester. To keep these organized I labeled them ’01 Fall 2012′, ’02 Spring 2013′, ’03 Summer 2013′, etc. Then within each of these folders are another set of folders, one for each course. These are simply labeled with the course number, ‘EE185’, ‘ECON101′, RELIG210’, etc. (You could label yours with the course name if you’d prefer.) Then, depending on the course there may even be another set of folders. These might be labeled ‘homework’, ‘quizzes’, ‘notes’, ‘projects’, etc. Inside of these folders is where you’ll finally keep your files! 

How To Utilize Your Computer While Studying | Hayle Olson |


Block Specific Websites.

Having a laptop for school is great! It’s portable and there are countless resources you can access. But, often times you can get easily distracted. Ever find yourself scrolling through Facebook when you should be studying for an exam? Don’t worry, I’ve been there before too. To keep yourself focused use a website blocker! These are great because you can block specific websites (like Facebook) and still be able to access the websites you need for school.

Download Helpful Apps.

Certain apps can help you with your studying. For example, DuoLingo is perfect for anyone studying a new language! There are also some great note-taking apps out there to help you keep your notes organized — I highly suggest using your laptop to take notes!

Clean up your Desktop.

Along with organizing your folders, keeping your desktop clean is key. A messy desktop can lead to confusion and stress. Having files and folders randomly thrown all over your screen is one of the worst things you can do. Create a system for yourself that will keep your desktop in check. Also, use this background I created to help keep your files, folders, and programs organized!

Click here or the photo below to download this free organizing background!
How To Utilize Your Computer While Studying | Hayle Olson |

Find your HP Laptop at Walmart.

Looking for a computer for school this year? Make sure to head to Walmart, they always have great prices and a wide variety of HP laptops that you can choose from!

How To Utilize Your Computer While Studying | Hayle Olson |

How To Utilize Your Computer While Studying | Hayle Olson |

The touchscreen HP ENVY x360 Convertible 15″ laptop to perfect for students. Plus its energy efficient and the battery lasts for up to 8 hours! With the ability to be in four different modes, this laptop is multifunctional and will cover all of your studying needs.

  1. Notebook – to work
  2. Stand – to watch
  3. Tent – to play
  4. Tablet – to go

The state-of-the-art Audio by Bang & Olufsen on this laptop is phenomenal. Now you can jam out to your favorite music while studying for your next exam! Plus, it’s has a full HD display, perfect for Netflix! Find out more here!

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  • Wow, these are so helpful!! I am so guilty of checking facebook while studying online I’ll be using this list for sure!!

    Corsica |

    • I’m glad they helped! I’m always getting stuck on Facebook or Pinterest when I should be studying!

  • I love the idea of using a desktop background to help organize icons! Such a simple idea that will really help. Can’t believe I never thought of that before!


    • It’s it great?! I love using them, they really keep me organized!

  • I love love love the self control app! I use it when I’m in lectures because I know if things get boring, I’ll probably head straight to Pinterest, Facebook or Tumblr!

    Alysha | Study Break Down

    • SelfControl is my favorite! I never used it in lectures, but definitely when I needed to get homework done!

  • This is the laptop I have and I love it! Great tips Hayle!!

    • Awesome!! I’m glad you like the tips — the background will fit your laptop perfectly then πŸ˜‰

  • Great tips Hayle, these are such great tips and perfect for when I’m back to school. I love love self control app!

    • Yay! I’m glad you found the tips helpful! And yes, the SelfControl app is AMAZING!

  • Briana Anderson

    I’m such an organizational freak! Couldn’t function without an organized computer and work space! Great post!
    xx, Bri ||

    • Haha I’m an organizational freak as well! πŸ˜€

  • Such a great post leading up to back to the school. I know when I was in college I was the worst about shopping instead of studying, I could have really used the website blocking apps. ha

    Taylor |

    • The website blocking apps really do help!!

  • Karen Yannacio Morse

    Love your tips – and I’m ALL about finding helpful apps. These are life-savers to me!!
    Karen |

    • Yay! I’m glad my tips could help you out!

  • Steph Wolfred

    I am always about organizing my folders! It helps so much. Thank you for sharing.

    • Organizing my folders is like my number one thing! Without that I’d be searching for something for hours and hours!

  • Monica

    These are great tips! I def need to check out the apps!!

  • I am all about organizing my laptop! It can even be relaxing somedays! Such a great post thanks for sharing!!

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  • Adaleta Avdic

    I love organizing, especially when it’s organizing electronically! xx

  • Organization is so important for me when I’m trying to stay focused! And I had no idea there were website blockers! That would seriously come in handy!
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    elle | southern elle style

  • While I am not a student, these tips would help me while working at home on my laptop. It could use a little (okay, a lot) organization. I have files everywhere and can’t seem to find what I need.

  • Amanda Ray

    What a great post! Organizing in folders is my go-to! <3
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    Molly | Hey There Sunshine

  • Good tips. I am currently not a student, but I need to organize my folders and desktop. I tend to a bit disorganized when it comes to organizing my computer!

  • This is great advice! I love the input of organizing your desktop. Sometimes that can be so distracting, and when we have our files all organized in specific folders, it makes us feel like we actually have our lives together (even if we deep down know we don’t lol). Xoxo!