The Ultimate List of 35+ Student Discounts

The Ultimate List of 35+ Student Discounts | College Tips | Hayle Olson |

One of the many perks of being a college student is the AMAZING student discounts! Flash your student ID at a handful of places and you’ll be well on your way to saving some money. Below you’ll find The Ultimate List of 35+ Student Discounts. Organized by category and including the discount, this is your go-to student discount list!


Student discounts at retail stores usually cannot be used with any other offer. Discounts may vary by location. Many stores only offer in-store discounts, as indicated with an *.

Ann Taylor – 15% off *
Amazon Prime Student – 6 Months Free
ASOS – 10 off%
Banana Republic – 15% off *
Charlotte Russe – 10% off *
Eddie Bauer – 15% off *
Express – 15% off
Forever 21 – 10% off (On certain dates)
– 10% off *
HauteLook – Extremely Discounted Fashion/Homeware Items!!
J.Crew – 15% off
Juicy Couture – 15% off *
Kate Spade – 15% off *
Levi’s – 15% off
Madewell – 15% off *
Pier 1 – 15% off *
Steve Madden – 10% off *
Topshop – 10% off
The Limited – 10% off
TOMS – 10% off first order
Urban Outfitters – 10% off (On certain dates)


The majority of national food chains leave the decision to offer a student discount up to the franchise store owner. Franchises located in college towns are more likely to offer student discounts. Discounts may vary by location.

Arby’s – 10% off
Buffalo Wild Wings – 10% off
Burger King – 10% off
Chick-fil-a – Free drink
Chipotle – Free drink
Dairy Queen – 10% off
Dunkin’ Donuts – 10% off
Firehouse Subs – 10% off
Kroger – 5% off
McDonald’s – 10% off
Papa John’s Pizza – 10-20% off
Pizza Hut – 15% off
Qdoba – 10% or Free Drink
Schlotzky’s – 10-20% off
Shari’s – 10% off 
Subway – 10% off
Taco Bell – 10% off
Waffle House – 10% off


Often, you’ll be able to get laptop and software discounts at your School’s Bookstore. Get these discounts while you can – they’re a huge benefit!

Academic Superstore – Varies
– up to 80% off
Apple – Varies
Dell – Varies
JourneyEd – Varies
Microsoft – 10%+ off
Norton – 50%
Logitech – Varies
Lenovo – Varies
Spotify – $4.99/mo.


Many times you can get additional student discounts by joining your school’s Student Alumni Association. Here’s a list of discounts that Iowa State offers if you join their SAA.

Often, your local coffee shop or smoothie place will have punch cards – take advantage of these!

Also, don’t forget that many retail stores offer first-time purchase discounts with a new email address.

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