How To Plan Your Summer Adventures

Staying organized is something that I’ve always found important. Plus, having amazing Summer adventures is something all of us want to enjoy. Which means planning these adventures is the most important part! Wanting to know some tips and tricks on how to plan your summer adventures? Then keep reading. β˜ΊοΈ

How To Plan Your Summer Adventures| Hayle Olson |

First things first. Purchase a planner!

Blue Sky was kind enough to send me some pieces from their new Day Designer for Blue Sky collection. The colors and prints of this Summer collection are beautiful! Also, each planner varies slightly to give some unique flair. 

How To Plan Your Summer Adventures| Hayle Olson |

How To Plan Your Summer Adventures| Hayle Olson |

Below I’ve included some photos that show the inside of three different planners. You’ll be able to tell that they each have their own design, orientation, and layout — making this collection suitable for anyone!


How To Plan Your Summer Adventures| Hayle Olson |

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More from the Day Designer for Blue Sky collection

How To Plan Your Summer Adventures| Hayle Olson |

How To Plan Your Summer Adventures| Hayle Olson |

How To Plan Your Summer Adventures| Hayle Olson |

How To Plan Your Summer Adventures| Hayle Olson |

My favorite pieces out of this collection are probably the Aqua Blue bound planner the Washi Tape!! I highly recommend these planners to anyone looking for a new one. They’re both affordable and cute!

Next, How To Plan your adventure!

  • Use washi tape to mark the days of your trip!
  • Make a list of everything you want to do or see on your adventure.
  • In your planner, write down what days you’d like to do certain things on your list. Don’t make these set in stone plans, otherwise it’s not an adventure!!
  • Need park passes or admission tickets? — Buy or Order these ahead of time!
  • If you’re going hiking, camping, or even roadtripping… my one and only recommendation is to buy a MAP! 
  • Make a budget in the handy-dandy notes section of your planner.
    • Also make a packing list!
  • Coordinate house/apartment and pet sitters.
  • Let friends and family know if you’re going somewhere desolate. 

My Most Recent Adventure

No one needs all these planners to themselves! That’s why any extra planners went to friends and family so they can plan their summer adventures too! Where are you going on your next adventure?

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  • Amanda K

    These are all great tips! We still have yet to find someone to watch our pups!

    Amanda ||

  • This post makes me wanna go on an adventures!


    Tamara –

    • Haha yes, I’m definitely craving some new adventures after this post!

  • Anice Smith

    I’m not much of a planner because I am afraid that everything will go wrong so I just plan vaguely and hope for the best.
    Great post tho! I could learn a thing or two from you.

    Lifestyle & Fashion Blogger

    • Planning is awesome because then when something does change you can easily rearrange!

  • I’ll be on summer break in two weeks & I can’t wait to plan my days πŸ™‚ A planner is definitely a must for me as well, I’d be so unorganised without one! x

    Sara / AboutLittleThiings

    • I completely agree, a planner keeps my life together!

  • I love these tips! Because I love planning!!!

    Brooke | InaWorldofBees,There’sMe

  • I am a HUGE planner. already thinking about next year πŸ˜‰
    Southern Elle Style

  • calenders and agendas are great! I really need to get myself back on that bandwagon of making notes of what I have going on!

  • Great tips!!! Love your options for a planner – those are so cute!
    x Mary

  • Adaleta Avdic

    Planning the adventure is the most fun because it’s truly so amazing to just plan it all out & actually know what to do before you get into the destination! That way you don’t risk the possibility of getting bored OR just sitting in the room! xx

  • Amanda Ray

    Planners are great!! Love the ones you chose!! <3

    Amanda |

  • This makes me want to go on vacation again!!