Finals Week Essentials

Finals week is always one of the most daunting times of the year. Stress levels have escalated and our final grades all ride on this last exam. Below you will find my finals week essentials along with a few helpful posts and articles. These are my go to items that get me through the week and help me study for all of my tests.

Helpful Posts:

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Finals Week Essentials:

A bag to carry your essentials in, a planner to keep you organized.
A water bottle to keep you hydrated and your favorite pens by your side.
Some sticky notes to keep you thinking and a watch to check the time.
A notebook for your scribbles and a pair of beats to listen to rhymes.
Flash cards to study everywhere and staedtler pens to steal the show.
Folders to hold your papers and highlighters to help your notes glow.
These are you finals week essentials make sure to study hard,
for the exams are almost over and it’s time to play the summer card.

Good Luck to everyone taking finals!! ❤

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