Backpack Essentials

School is now back in swing and it’s time to make sure your backpack is ready for any situation! I’m sharing my backpack essentials, these are some of the go-to items that you should always have stored away in your backpack. Explore these Backpack Essentials; the image below is clickable! 

Backpack Essentials | Hayle Olson |

Backpack // Keychain // Wallet // Phone Case // Pens // Laptop Case // Lipbalm // Waterbottle // Coffee Mug // Sunglasses // Watch // Umbrella // Sticky Notes // Calculator // Headphones // Folder // Highlighters // Stapler // Gum // Notebook // Tablet

backpack keychain wallet phone pens laptop burtsbees waterbottle coffeemug sunglasses watch umbrella post-its calculator headphones folder highlighters stapler gum notebook ipad