May 2016 Income & Traffic Report

Monthly Income Report | May | Hayle Olson |

May has brought some exciting new times to my life. For one, I graduated from college with my degree in electrical engineering! And secondly, I moved to Idaho! Moving has set me a bit back this past week. So hopefully in the next coming weeks you’ll be seeing more posts. I’ve also earned some money through freelance graphic design which you’ll see added to this months income & traffic report!


May Income:

Social Fabric – $525.00
Freelance Graphic Design – $65.00
Total: $590.00 

May Expenses:

Google Ads – $2.40
Pinterest Promoted Pin – $6.00
Creative Market – $67.00
Product Purchases – $32.41
Total: $107.81

Total Profit: $482.19


I opened an Etsy shop this month and really dove into some Freelance Graphic Design projects. Because of this I invested in some fonts and mockups from Creative Market. I also played around with Google Ads and promoted a few pins on Pinterest, I don’t think I’ll be doing this again simply because I didn’t see huge results. I hope to continue doing well with Social Fabric, and I’ve also started getting other sponsored posts through different networks!



Around the middle of May one of my sponsored posts was chosen for Facebook Syndication. That means the company liked my post so much that they wanted to promote it on Facebook! This brought in quite a few extra views and it was really exciting. It definitely made me proud of what I created! Here’s the Post. 😉 I am happy to say that my overall pageviews did increase by about 5,000 views! Hopefully, I’ll be seeing a slight increase like this every month!

Monthly Income Report | May | Hayle Olson |

Monthly Income Report | May | Hayle Olson |

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  • That’s awesome that the company picked you for syndicated post! And CONGRATULATIONS on graduating! I handed in my Masters thesis in May as well, so I know how good that feels! 🙂


    • Thanks Lisa! And yes, I was super excited about the syndication! And Congrats on getting your Masters!!!!! That’s amazing!

  • Yay for graduating!! And yay for making money!! I’m trying to start working with brands and monetizing my blog, so if you have any suggestions, let me know!

    • Thanks Abigail! It’s been a lot of hard work to monetize my blog, you’re best option would be to just search around and look for networks to join. That’s how I got started!

  • Haley Birch

    Wow Hayle. I’ve always wanted to getting into doing this and you are such an inspiration! Glad to see it is going so well for you. You obviously have a lot of talent and drive for it. Congrats on your move out to Boise! 🙂 I’m so jealous that you moved out west before me :P.

    • Hey Haley 🙂 If you ever want to start blogging as well I’d be happy to help you out! We’re loving Idaho so far! If and when you move out west be sure to let me know!!!!

  • Keep up the great work! I always love seeing how other bloggers are monetizing. Social Fabric was great to you last month!

    • Thanks Rachel!! I’ve found Social Fabric to be a great network! If only I could find more like them! 🙂 lol