March 2017 Income & Traffic Report

March wasn’t as good of a month as I thought it would be. Although my income did increase which was a nice treat, my traffic was just terrible. I’ve started putting more work into my YouTube channel and focusing less on my blog – so this could by why. I’ve added another reoccurring expense to my report this month that I’m super excited about and I bought some new camera equipment that I can’t wait to use either! I’m sure you’re all pumped to read my March 2017 Income & Traffic Report, I know I would be!


March Income:

Social Fabric – $135.00
SheKnows Media – $52.69
CLEVER – $200.00
Etsy: Designs by Hayle – $24.00
Total: $411.69

March Expenses:

Product Purchase – $19.99
ConvertKit – $29.00
Patreon – $3.00
Boardbooster – $5.00
Etsy Shop Fees – $1.83
Minted Office Artwork – $8.48
Erin Condren Planner & Accessories – $68.91
Joby GorillaPod w/ Ballhead – $49.18
Manfrotto Pixi Mini Trip0d – $29.88
Total: $215.27

Total Profit: $196.42


I’m pretty stoked to see my income start to creep back up! I’ve been working my butt off the past couple of weeks and hopefully that will reflect in next month’s report.

You’ll notice a new expense added to my list, ConvertKit. I’ve officially made the switch from my free mailchimp account to ConvertKit. I’m loving it so far, and I’m happy to be supporting a local startup company. 🙂

I purchased some artwork off of with a credit I had gotten after doing a sponsored post for them.

I also took the plunge and bought an Erin Condren Life Planner. Best decision of my life! It is the sole reason to why I’ve been so productive and busy lately. It has helped me get my blog and youtube organized and situated.

I invested in two new tripods! They’re both smaller/shorter ones and each have their own unique features. I’m excited to start filming with them – maybe I’ll do a review in the future! 



Traffic just about bombed again this month. It was even worse than February. I’m going to possibly try a different approach with my content to see if that’ll help boost pageviews – but I’m not entirely sure what that different approach is yet. I’ve started working on my YouTube channel a bit more so I’m not focusing on my blog as much, but I’m still trying to publish good helpful posts for my readers!

March 2017 Income & Traffic Report | College Tips | Blog Income | Hayle Olson | March 2017 Income & Traffic Report | College Tips | Blog Income | Hayle Olson |

  • Welcome to the ConvertKit family! I made the switch a couple of months ago, and absolutely LOVE it! 🙂

    — Lisa //

  • I’ve heard that several people had a traffic slump in the beginning of this year. I think things are turning around though! Great job in March 🙂

  • Makaela Premont

    Your page views is incredible! I just started mine and I can’t barely get over 1,000 for the first month of blogging. I’m on Pinterest and promoting on everything I have at different times of the day. Do you mind looking at my blog and maybe you could help me or give me some tips to improve? That would be awesome!

    -xo, Makaela