How to Start A Profitable Blog

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I am beyond excited for you! Why? Because you’re interested in how to start a profitable blog! That means you’re passionate and determined to create a blog that will grow and prosper! This is such an exciting time for you and I am going to show you exactly how to succeed. Below you’ll find the quick steps on how to start a profitable blog.

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Here are the quick steps to starting a profitable blog…

You can read specific details and instructions for each of these steps by reading the full post, how to start a blog.

  • Think of a Name & Niche.
  • See If Your Domain (URL) Is Available.
  • Create a Gmail Account Specifically for Blogging.
  • Survey Your Potential Audience.
  • Create a WordPress.Org Blog.
  • Sign Up for Self-Hosting With SiteGround.
  • Purchase a Theme.
  • Have a Logo, Favicon, and Signature Designed.
  • Create Social Accounts for Your Blog.
  • Download & Install Plugins.
  • Set up Google Analytics & Search Console.
  • Create a MailChimp or ConvertKit Account.
  • Track Your Income & Expenses.
  • Open A Savings Account Specifically for Blogging.
  • Create A Paypal Account.
  • Sign Up for Google Adsense.
  • Write Really Good Content And Share It.
  • Join Affiliate Programs.
  • Join Networks.
  • Connect With Brands via Email.
  • Consider Certain Purchases.

There is so much to learn and so much to do when you first start a blog. But, if you hustle and put your mind to it, you’ll accomplish so much more than you thought you could! Is there something I didn’t cover or a specific question you have? Ask me in the comments!

You can read specific details and instructions for each of these steps by reading the full post, how to start a blog.

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    • Well thank you! I hope you found them helpful!

  • Summer Lee

    So helpful! I wish I had known this before starting my blog!

    • Haha me too! It’s definitely something I learned along the way!

  • This is such a wonderful guide for beginners! I’m part of a few networks too but I haven’t been able to get any sponsored posts 🙁

    • Thanks Jessica! Getting selected for a sponsored post can be quite difficult sometimes. I try to apply for at least two different opportunities each week, if not more. The more you apply, the better chance you’ll have at getting one. Also, writing a really good pitch and having your blog stats to back you up is key! I hope this helps!!