August 2016 Income & Traffic Report

August 2016 Income & Traffic Report


I know that I might have said that July was a great month, but August was even better! Not only have sales on my Etsy Shop increased, but my monthly pageviews also increased again this month!! Since starting a full-time job, I’ve also invested in a tool called Boardbooster. This month’s August 2016 income & traffic report is one you don’t want to miss!


August Income:

Social Fabric – $260.00
Etsy: Designs By Hayle – $222.92
SheKnows Media – $46.89
Total: $529.81

August Expenses:

Patreon – $2.00
Boardbooster – $5.00
Etsy – $6.89
Product Purchases – $57.73
Total: $71.62

Total Profit: $458.19


You’ll see a Patreon expense for $2.oo listed, this is because I’m supporting a musician, in return I get to use his music in my YouTube videos! You’ll also notice a charge to Boardbooster for $5.00. This is a tool that helps me schedule posts on Pinterest. The majority of my traffic comes from Pinterest, so it’s important that I’m frequently pinning my content. Becuase I started a full-time job it’s hard for me to pin throughout the day. Boardbooster has been a great investment so far!

Traffic REPORT:


I thought July was amazing for traffic? August was even better! My previous pageviews record was 42,328. In August I hit 48,537!! My average daily pageviews started to decrease towards the end of the month, but I think September will be a good month too!

August 2016 Income & Traffic Report | Hayle Olson | August 2016 Income & Traffic Report | Hayle Olson |

Monthly Sponsors:

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  • Alisha Taneja

    hey girl!
    congrats on your success:)
    thanks for sharing!


  • Congrats on those amazing stats!

  • Tillie – Tea, Cake and Make

    Amazing stats, loving this post Hayle! Here’s hoping next month is even better! I’m looking into using Patreon for sponsorship now πŸ™‚ My partner uses it for his podcast, but this could help me, too!