How to Pamper Yourself on a College Budget

Did you know that you can actually pamper yourself on a college budget? I’m going to show you how to have a full-on pamper session for under $5.00/week! These products are multi-purpose and will last all semester long. Treat your whole body to a relaxing evening without breaking the bank.

The Math.

Bubble Bath = $24/18weeks = $1.33
Hair Mask = $26/18weeks = $1.44
Face Mask = $26/18weeks = $1.44
Nails = $16/18weeks = $0.89
TOTAL = $5.10

Bubble Bath = $18/18weeks = $1.00
Hair Mask = $24/18weeks = $1.33
Face Mask = $22.50/18weeks = $1.25
Nails = $11/18weeks = $0.61
TOTAL = $4.19

Yes, I understand the first option is over $5.00, but hear me out! This includes all of the MOST expensive products I’ve picked out. You can mix and match to create what works for you! By picking the least expensive products or purchasing something on sale or with a coupon you could go as low at $4.19/week if not lower! All of these products can be found at Sephora (Yearly Sales where you can get 10-20% off are in April & November)!

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Have a Bath.

Start your evening off right with a soothing bath. I suggest a Bubble Bath from philosophy. These not only create those oh-so desired bubbles for your bath but also double as a shampoo and shower gel! At only $18 these little bottles of goodness cost only $1/week. Or amp up your game and dive into Origins Body Wash & Bubble bath for $24.

Nourish your Hair.

Multitask while you’re having your bath. Pop on a hair mask! These little buggers are a perfect pick-me-up for your hair. Heat can cause a LOT of damage to your hair over the week, replenish it with a little treat and get it back to a healthy state! These three masks range from $24-$26.

Revitalize your Skin.

After a good soak, a face mask is in order. Purchasing a face mask that is $26 or under will keep you within your $5/week goal. Pick out your favorite one or try a sample pack to mix it up from week to week!

Touch up your Fingers & Toes.

Whilst you’re waiting on your face mask have a quick mani/pedi. These little kits are PERFECT! I especially love the one that comes with a top & base coat! These are easy to throw in your purse and are perfect for traveling! These could be used multiple times over!



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  • It’s so important to let yourself relax and pamper yourself a little during a stressful semester! 🙂 Great post!

    • It really is! I try to do this once a week, it’s something nice to look forward to!

  • Samantha P

    Such a great post. I have several masks but rarely take bubble baths! 🙂

    S .x

    • I’m glad you enjoyed it! It’s so much fun to take a bubble bath occasionally 🙂

  • kandja sylla

    Great post! I love relaxing and pampering myself. Although I’m done with college, I’m still into budgeting LOL!

    • Thanks Kandja! I really enjoy math, I have my degree in Electrical Engineering. And yes, I’m all about budgeting as well! 🙂