Upgrading my Daily Routine with Dove

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Daily Routine | Dove | Hayle Olson | www.hayleolson.com

I’m constantly on the lookout for ways to improve my life. We live in an upbeat and fast paced world where being efficient is everything. If I’m feeling even the least bit self-conscious then I know my efficiently and effort is going right out the window. I’m constantly trying new products and looking for the best things on the market, attempting to perfect my daily routine. That’s why today, I’ve partnered with Dove to tell you all about their Dove Advanced Care Antiperspirant. I’ve been a long time user of Dove products and they have always had my back! Specifically, the Dove Advance Care line, which has gone above and beyond my expectations.

Daily Routine | Dove | Hayle Olson | www.hayleolson.com

A wide variety of items are always packed away with me. From my favorite lipstick and my much needed coffee and banana, I always have Dove Advanced Care stored in my purse or backpack. It’s important to always bring my essentials with me. If something comes up or someone else needs something, I’m always prepared!

Dove Advanced Care | Daily Routine | Hayle Olson | www.hayleolson.com

Of all the things I pack in my gym bag antiperspirant is the most important. Without Dove Advanced Care I would be left feeling gross, damp, and smelly. This handy antiperspirant keeps me protected from odor and wetness for 48-hours!

Daily Routine | Dove | Hayle Olson | www.hayleolson.com

Plus, the added NutriumMoisture formula helps to keep my underarms soft and smooth, an important upgrade to my daily beauty routine. I feel like this last bit is very important! Did you know that 92% of women care about how their underarms look an feel when they’re exposed? I know that I’m included in that 92%! I’m so happy that I’ve found Dove Advanced Care just in time for Spring. 

Dove Advanced Care | Daily Routine | Hayle Olson | www.hayleolson.com

I have extremely sensitive skin. A lot of different deodorants and antiperspirants bother my underarms. Thankfully, the Dove Advanced Care line includes a Sensitive Skin version! This antiperspirant doesn’t irritate my skin at all! I am so happy that I’ve found something that works for me. I would definitely recommend Dove Advanced Care to anyone who has sensitive skin like me! Also, 88% would prefer a deodorant that provides skin care benefits in addition to odor and wetness protection.

Dove Advanced Care has truly helped me to upgrade my daily routine in so many different ways. I am instantly more confident knowing that my antiperspirant will keep me protected for 48-hours. Going to the gym between classes is no longer an issue!

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